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Toyota Diesel Engine Swaps

Finally you can have the ultimate Toyota Vehicle!

The reasons these vehicles are perfect for you and your family:

  1. They are Toyota! The worlds largest and most reliable manufacturer! Toyota’s hold their value better than any other brand.
  2. These run on diesel, the most powerful fuel! Diesel holds 20% more BTU’s per gallon than gasoline, which means its the most efficient fuel.  This will enable your vehicle to run further on the same size tank.
  3. Diesel engines are the better choice for a truck or SUV. It just makes common sense; diesel engines produce lots of torque at or below 2000 RPM. Gas engines have to rev to 4000 RPM or more to produce the available torque. Less engine revving means less fuel consumption! Also trucks need to tow and haul, which again is better suited with a low revving torque producing engine.
  4. These diesel Toyota trucks and SUV’s we create are produced all over the world. We get our parts and engines from Japan, Australia and the U.K. These engine swaps we are performing are nothing new, we are just installing the diesel engines into our left hand drive vehicles here in the states. Toyota designed these vehicles to be diesel, we just never had the option to purchase them here in the United States.
  5. We stock all the necessary parts to maintain your diesel Toyota after the conversion is done.
  6. Interested in running bio-diesel or a vegetable oil system? These truck are set up to run bio-diesel as is. Running vegetable oil on any diesel engine is possible with a converted fuel system. Toyota diesel trucks are better than most to run bio-diesel because there is no lift pump in the fuel tank to clog up.

For more information on Import Performance Toyota Diesel Engine Swaps please e-mail us from the contact page. We will write you back shortly.


Disclaimer: Import Performance Inc. is not responsible for emission compliance on vehicles with engine swaps. Emission compliance and registration is the responsibility of the vehicles owner only. Some states with emission testing will not pass vehicles with engine swaps. Check with your local transportation department for details.